BattleJacket® Protective Coating Systems

Revolutionized self-sealing/self-healing spray-on protective technology for fuel tanks and tankers.

High Caliber Safety and Security

Battle-proven for nearly two decades throughout the U.S. military, BattleJacket® is HIT’s revolutionary self-sealing, self-healing fire protective urethane polymer coating used to protect vehicles, fuel cells, holding tanks, pipelines, railcars, and countless other assets. The BattleJacket® coating acts as an instant sealant when the coated surface is pierced by a bullet or projectile, mitigating fuel loss and potential subsequent explosion. Additionally, BattleJacket® protects treated surfaces from UV, weather, corrosion, fire and chemical spills. BattleJacket’s® patented system has multiple formulas, tailorable to meet your specific requirements.

Product Features

  • Unique spray-on self-sealing / self-healing polymer, prevents fuel loss
  • Can be applied to metals and plastic
  • Adds protection from corrosion and abrasion
  • Increases structural integrity
  • Mitigates vibration and acoustics
  • Sustains high pressures to 150 psi
  • “Smart” embedded sensor capability
  • Fire suppression integration
  • Title 40 section 112 (Oil Pollution Prevention) compliant

Various BattleJacket® Coatings Include:

  • Classic: -25°F TO 300°F temperature range.
  • Extreme: -45°F TO 300°F temperature range.
  • Aero: -60°F TO 300°F temperature range.
  • BattleJacket® AQB (Aqua-Beads) Protective water tank coating validated against 50 caliber ballistic hits.

We turn explosive kinetic and traumatic impact events into “non-events” for our clients in high-risk environments so they can perform their daily work with confidence.

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